Brazilian Butt Lift

Fat transfer Gluteoplasty is a sculpting procedure requiring skill in liposuction technique and fat grafting. Recent advents in fat harvesting and lipoaspirate processing have allowed plastic surgeons to improve fat take and reduce complications after surgery. Dr. Hazani has demonstrated in hundreds of cases how removing fat from unwanted areas and placing it in more desired locations can create the optical illusion of an “hourglass figure” without the use of implants.
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Ron Hazani, MD, FACS

Harvard Trained Plastic Surgeon practicing in Beverly Hills, best known for his:

  • Proven Results and Quality Patient Care
  • Efficient and Experienced Surgical Technique
  • Innovative Approach to Cosmetic Surgery
  • Up to date on the most recent and best surgical techniques

Recognized as a leading expert in the field of plastic surgery, Dr. Hazani has received numerous academic and research achievement awards, and has presented his work at various regional and national meetings.

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