Implant Size

There are many sizes to choose from but the key is to augment the breast in proportion to your body. A wide chest may accommodate for a larger implant, while a narrower chest will only permit for a modest implant size. Dr. Hazani uses measurements of the chest in order to assess the width base of your implant of choice. The projection of the breast relies more on the implant profile. A low profile implant (a smaller implant with less volume) translates to a smaller cup size. Similarly, a high profile implant implies a more projecting implant, which translates to a larger cup size.

Implant fill

There are saline or silicone breast implants. In general, the safety profile of both is the same, but silicone implants feel more comfortable and are more expensive. “Gummy Bear” implants are silicone implants that are highly cohesive and have a lower rupture rate. There are some drawbacks to these implants. They are not as soft as the standard silicone implants, they require a larger incision, and the chance for asymmetry is higher if the implant pocket is not created precisely to fit the shape of the implant.

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