Operating Technique


The safest incision for implant placement is via the infra-mammary approach. By placing the incision under the breast, the chance for capsular contracture in lowered significantly and the incision is close enough to the field of dissection. These allows for the surgeon to visual the anatomy better and control the pocket size. Other approaches include the armpit, or the lower edge of the areola.

Implant Pocket

There are two types of pockets where an implant can be placed, either directly behind the breast tissue (subglandular position) or under the pectoralis muscle (subpectoral position). Dr. Hazani recommends the subpectoral pocket for health and aesthetic reasons. Placing an implant under the muscle reduces the chance for capsular contracture and allows for a more natural slope over the upper pole of the implant (a “tear drop” shape). The muscle is allowed to drape over the implant and provide for a thicker soft tissue covering (a more natural appearance).
Dr. Hazani utilizes the newest techniques in breast augmentation such as the creation of a dual-plane. In patients who present with mild to moderate breast droopiness, releasing the muscle from the breast tissue, a smoother transition is created. This, in turn, allows for a more natural draping of the breast tissue over the lower pole of the implant.

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