Anatomy of the Gynecomastia Tissue and its Clinical Significance

Much of the published data on gynecomastia relates to the diagnosis, and treatment of the entity. This unique publication sheds light on the anatomy of the male breast and the shape of the gynecomastia tissue as it relates to the management of patients with glandular enlargement.

The paper reports our observation with regard to the particular shape of the gland following treatment of 5,724 patients. A total of 10,715 specimens were collected (some patients had gynecomastia on one side only). The unifying theme in all of them was the consistency and shape of the gynecomastia tissue. The gland has a head, body, and tail, where the head points to the sternum and the tail sweeps laterally towards the armpit. The body is found deep to the areola.

We believe that knowledge of the anatomy can facilitate a better understanding of tissue location across the chest. It can assist surgeons in identifying any residual tissue that is left behind during an excision and potentially reduce the chance for recurrence.

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