Dr. Hazani by far knew what he was & I could tell by his extensive consultation. He had many before & after photos of his work as well as information regarding what caused my enlarged nipples/male pecs. I had many other consults regarding my procedure & they were rushed & none showed me their prior work. I was very confident with my decision to have Dr. Hazani do my gynecomastia removal as well as some abdominal liposuction. I am very pleased with my results & the pictures show I now have a normal chest appearance as well normal nipples! Dr. Hazani has mastered his technique & makes him one of the few who can remove gynecomastia with 0% of it returning!


I would rate Dr. Hazani 10 stars if I could! I have only positive things to say about him & Michelle they have been very friendly responded my emails quickly, & have been very patient & understanding with my roller coaster of emotions & overflow of questions & concerns. Even after my procedure was done my calls & messages were always answered! Thank you Dr. Hazani!


My doctor is better then your ……him and Michelle are a perfect team ….I know I have a long way to go but I’m loving what they have done so far ….if your looking for a doctor that love what he does and cares about you then this is the doctor for you …..and he’s easy on the eyes lol ….if I could give him 10 stars I would ….To me he’s the best at what he does …… He hit a home run with me.


Believe the hype. He’s awesome hands down.


Contact the doc via email send pictures. Then talked a lot to Michelle she was really helpful in setting up everything for me cause I wanted my Sx as soon as possible since I was already off work due to my other Sx then came in for consultation with dr Hazani he had no problem answering all my question which I had plenty.


Butt lift and recovery in 4 days then back to Az. great experience and results


Dr Ron Hazani is super amazing talented friendly surgeon ever . He is great at what he does .. Give you the look you want … I love Dr Ron Hazani he changed my life he is really really good at what he does because he what’s to make his patient happy and give them the look they always wanted . I definitely recommend him to who ever wants any kind of procedures done … Give them a call and make a consultation you will not regret it trust me 🙂 thank you Dr Ron Hazani your amazing 🙂


Professional, friendly, reassuring, approachable and easy going. And unlike the other doctors I saw who were treating the female body just like another thing to cut, Dr. Hazani was very respectful and treated the human body with the dignity it deserves.


I am SO happy to have had my BA done by Dr. Hazani, I went to a few consultations with different doctors but I felt Dr. Hazani was the most informative and showed real interest in exactly what I wanted. I am so happy to be in his hands! Surgery went great, recovery was amazing! Back to myself in 3 days and my incision is almost non existent! Dr. Hazani put the incision exactly in the crease and it’s so tiny!! I was so shocked to see it for the first time! Friends of mine who have been through a BA have very visible incisions that are huge compared to mine. I am so thankful and I wish I could give him 10 stars! He is truly amazing with what he does, I am coming back for a different procedure, I would never go to anyone else, you can tell he is super passionate at what he does and makes you feel so comfortable going through it.. I recommend him to everyone!!


Dr. Hazani is an amazing doctor, friendly, professional, and shows his interest in patients desires, knows well what he is doing and what is best options for each of his patients, I’m very glad I found Dr. Hazani to perform my surgery, if I had concerns about my surgery he made sure I felt comfortable with my decisions, answered all my questions and concerns.